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About the Film Studio
Steps Film Studio was founded in 2004 by Igor Parfenov, producer, director, social worker.

Our films have the nominees and awards of more than 60 international film festivals.
Film studio Steps shoots feature films, short films, socially - important, urgent films.
Our slogan - "To show the unconvenient truth"

Since 2007 one of the work directions of the studio for development of independent cinema is holding of International Film festival "Steps" ( 


pre-production - documentary films based on "First step" and "Сonfession" by Lev Tolstoy
pre-production - feature film Martin Iden, on the basis on the book by Jack London Martin Iden
2016 - short film On the Scales
2016 - feature film Under the sun
2016 - short film Death in Notre Dame 
2016 - feature film Once Upon a Time in Ukraine. The War, an epic drama about events in Maidan and the war in Ukraine.
2015 - short film Valentine's Day
2015 - short film Joke
2015 - short film Weeping
2015 - feature film Once Upon a Time in Ukraine. Revolution, based on the true story of the revolution on the Maidan.
2014 - video Revolution, based on Euromaidan. 
2013 – feature film Nonconformity , based on stories by Lev Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov.
2013 - short film The Dependents, based on "The Dependents"  by Anton Chekhon.
2012 – feature film A Cry in the Silence , based on “Francis Speight”  by Jack London.
2011 – short film Human Zoo
2011 – short film 7 milliards
2010 – short film The last duel
2010 – documentary film Arena’s poison
2010 - feature film A farewell to bullfight,  based on "The Madness of John Harned ' by Jack London
2009 - feature film Confession of the Devil, 137 min, TV series - 4 series, 47 min. each. 
2008 – feature film The Crucified, 150 min, TV series - 4 series, 52 min. each
2007 – short film The place where the horses cry
2007 – documentary film Bull’s Soul , 15 min. 
2006 – feature film When Gods Sleep, 127 min, TV series - 2 series, 52 min. each
2005 – feature film Insanity. Challenge and Fight, 150 min, TV series - 4 series, 52 min. each
"Bull’s Soul" - a prize 22th Hollywood Film Festival "The Genesis Awards".
"Confession of the Devil":
- Prize of the XII International Festival of Berdyansk, 2010.
- Prize of the Film Festival "Kharkiv Siren",  2010.
- Prize of the Film Festival "Hope"  for Best Director and Best Actress, St. Petersburg, 2011.
"The Last Duel" - International Film Festival  "New Horizons", Odessa
"A farewell to bullfight!" - International Film Festival  "Together", Yalta
"7 milliards" - International Film Festival  UN,  2011
"Human Zoo" -  International Film Festival "Cinema Under the Stars," 2012
"A Cry in the Silence ":
-  XVI International Festival "Brigantine 2013"
-  International Festival of Environmental Film "Green Century" in Moscow, 2013.
"The Dependents":
-  "Best Foreign Film" - Portobello Film Festival  London, 2014
- Winner of the Grand Prix at the 16th Film Festival "Zaporizhia Cinerama" prize "Best musical score", the prize for "Best Actor", 2014
- INDIANA Short Film Festival, USA, 2014
- International Film Festival in Drama, Greece, 2014
- Festival of short film in Zambia, Africa, 2014
- Festival International ALTER-NATIVE, Romania, 2014
- Festival Parachute Light ZERO Act II, Paris, 2015
- BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST USE OF SOUND and BEST EDITING  in the 7th Malta Short Film Festival, 2015 
- Prize 53rd Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival, 2015
- Wiper Film Festival, USA, 2016
- Nominated Film Festival "Window to Europe" -  Vyborg, 2013.
- Nominated for the International Festival of Environmental Film "Green Century", Moscow 2013.
- Nominated XX Russian Film Festival "Literature and Cinema", Gatchyna, 2014.
- Prize Film Festival "Avanca 2014", Portugal,  2014.
"Once upon a time in Ukraine. Revolution":
-  Cottbus Festival of East European Cinema, Germany
- International Film Festival, Poland, 2015
- CINECOA, Portugal, 2015
- Levante International Film Festival XIII, Italy, 2015
- Prize - NOIDENTITY International Action Film Festival, Spain, 2015
- Wiper Film Festival, USA, 2016

Films by Steps studio gather huge audience in Ukraine, Russia, a range of European countries and America. All the films have been represented in several International Film Festivals, were screened on First National, "NTV-World" , TV channel "Culture", Enter-Film and others. DVD releases of films appeared in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. 

Besides own production studio provides custom designs. We have our own locations, provide intermediary services related to writing the script, preparation of locations, preparation and construction of scenery, the selection of the crew, holding auditions, technical support jf the crew, etc.

We will be glad to any interesting offers from investors, producers, directors, scriptwriters, distributors and actors.  
We are always open to new ideas and cooperation.

Please, send your questions and comments to
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