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"Confession of the Devil" got a prize
Public: 19/12/2011
Film "The Confession of the Devil" won two awards at the I-th St. Petersburg International Film Festival "HOPE".
Prize "for The Best Director":
Feature film "Confession of the Devil", Igor Parfenov - Studio "Steps", Ukraine.
Diploma for the best artistic work.

Chairman of the Jury - Dmitry Meskhiev.
Members of the jury:
- Alexander Sokurov;
- Vladimir Menshov;
- Drapeko Helena;
- Mikhail Kuraev, and others.
Film Footage
Public: 11/08/2011
There are new stills from the film under working title «The Human Zoo». The shooting is almost completed. Creative team of the studio plans to continue final shooting on the seaside.
The film is to be seen this year. Some stills are already in our gallery.
The shootings of a feature film "A farewell to bullfight" have been finished
Public: 22/04/2010
The leading roles were played by Boris Himichev (Manuel), Ellen Slusarchi (Maria), Angel Gabriel Jacome Quinteros (Gabriel), Georgiy Hostikoev (Esteban), Marina Yagodkina (Carmen), Alexander Tartyshnikov (Jose), Stepan Pasichnik (Luis)
About the film.
The way to the stars is not so long!
Public: 24/02/2010




Screening of Confession of the Devil, Crucified, When Gods Sleep
Public: 4/12/2009
III Steps International Rights Film Festival will screen feature films Confession of the Devil, Crucified, When Gods Sleep  by Igor Parfenov.
Sunday 13 December 21:00 feature film Confession of the Devil, Bommer Cinema
Thursday 17 December 21:00 feature film Crucified, Bommer Cinema
Friday 18 December 21:00 feature film When Gods Sleep, Bommer Cinema
Entrance to  the demonstrations is free.
Moscow TeleShow
Public: 20/11/2009
Igor Parfenov and Ellen Slusarchi returned from the International broadcast content market Moscow Teleshow ( November 17-19, Moscow, Russia), on which they had represented  Steps Studio and its production.
The shootings of a feature film "A farewell to bullfight"
Public: 26/09/2009
The shootings of a new film "A farewell to bullfight" after Jack London's "The Madness of John Harned" have started on the 14 of September in Ukraine.
Till that time, the shootings were made in Pamplona and Barselona(Spain).
Feature film "Confession of the Devil" has won an award at Berdyansk International Film Festival
Public: 9/09/2009
Feature film "Confession of the Devil" won an award
Public: 18/05/2009
A feature film "Confession of the Devil" by Igor Parfenov has won an award  at the first International Film Festival  «Kharkiv siren 2009».
Honour guests: Michael Dobkin (Kharkiv city mayor), Mylene Demongeot, Bogdan Stupka.
Festival Jury: Vladimir Fokin, Alla Surikova, Vladimir Dashkevich.
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