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Master Class in Portugal
Public: 4/11/2015
In July 2015 the film director Igor Parfyonov and actress Ellen Slyusarchchi helds a master class in the framework of the 19th Festival De Cinema AVANCA 2015 Portugal
Master Class in Portugal

Master Class in Portugal
international activities of studio
Public: 4/11/2015
During the last three years the films studio "Steps" were the participants, nominees and winners in more than 30 film festivals around the world
international activities of studio
Shooting of the short film within 19 Festival De Cinema AVANCA 2015, Portugal
Public: 30/07/2015
Master-class, preparation and shooting of the short film, tentatively called "Joke", directed by Igor Parfenov within the Film Festival AVANCA, Portugal.
Receiving of prize at 19 Festival De Cinema AVANCA 2015, Portugal
Public: 30/07/2015

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Public: 7/07/2015
International Forum of Film Directors Film Festival AVANCA 2015 22-26 July 2015. The program of workshops will be led by Igor Parfenov, Olena Slyusarchik and others.
Once upon a time in Ukraine - Official Trailer
Public: 11/05/2015
Charitable crowdfunding campaign to complete the shooting of the feature film about the events on Maidan and the war in Ukraine!
Public: 18/03/2015
To order the Rights protection centre `STEPS`
THE Dependents at Festival Parachute Light Zero Act II 2015, PARIS
Public: 12/03/2015
On 21-22 of March 2015 at the Festival Parachute Light Zero Act II in 2015 will be shown a short film "The DEPENDENTS" by film studio STEPS!!!
Public: 29/01/2015

A bus is going to Kiev from Crimean village. It is the last chance for Nina to find the truth and be saved from the local werewolves in police uniform by joining the revolution. She has been raped, her girlfriend was killed. EuroMaidan gives to the heroine support of new friends, each of them has their own story, his own truth, his own pain.
There is an Afghan man among them. He is a Berkut Sambo coach, who had moved into the camp of the opposition after the events of November 30th. But Nina remains a dangerous witness and cops (killers, provocateurs) come for her on Maidan not only for destroy, but also with the goal to disperse the EuroMaidan.

Production: Film-studio “STEPS”
Ukraine, 2014
Director: Igor Parfenov
Duration: 95 min.
Genre: Social drama
Cast: Ellen Sliusarchi, Igor Parfenov, Alexsandr Yachno, Alexsandr Zygulya, Artem Ragra, Roman Zhirov and others.
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Interview with Igor Parfenov and Ellen Slusarchi for the German magazine RBB
Public: 14/01/2015
Interview with the director of the feature film "Once Upon a Time in Ukraine" Igor Parfenov and actress Ellen Slusarchi who played a major role in the film in the documentary plot about the International Film Festival Cottbus. (For the German media Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) (Interview with Igor and Ellen watch since 6:18 sec.)

Интервью с Игорем Парфеновым и Еллен Слюсарччи для немецкого журнала Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) on Vimeo.

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