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Once Upon A Time In Ukraine. Revolution. - EMPR #1 independent citizen media about Ukraine  >>> 
Dolphin hunting or How to stay human in deadly conditions. The feature film about the sea was shot in the onshore Kharkov >>>
The anniversary of the national cinema. >>>
Kharkiv director Igor Parfenov has presented a movie protecting animals >>>
Actor Boris Himichev is in Kharkiv, playing leading role in Dances With Bulls >>>
Dances With Bulls. A film about Spanish bullfighting is being shot in Kharkiv (MG Objective) >>>
Mikhay Volontir will play the role of veteran in a new picture of Steps Studio (Allfun, 08.06.2009) >>>
Volontir gave a consent to play a leading role in the Ukrainian picture (KP Moldova,30.05.2009) >>>
Mikhay Volontir was invited on a leading role in a new film of  Igor Parfenov (KP Moldova,21.03.2009) >>> 
"Chto. Gde. Kogda" magazine (“Confession of the Devil” at “Kharkiv Siren” film festival) >>>
"Vremya" newspaper about Confession of the Devil (#4, January 13, 2009)  >>>
Theatric confession (High way, 11.12.2008) >>>
Film about homeless will be screened in Kharkiv ("Vecherniy Kharkov", 11.12.2008) >>>
People listened to Confession of the Devil for $100 000 in Kharkiv (“Nastoyashiy Dozor”, 11.12.2008)>>>
Kharkiv director Igor Parfenov presented a film on protection of animals (Media group "Objective")>>>
Kinopalats will tell about Confession of the Devil ("Glavnoe", 10.12.2008) >>>
The film “Confession of the Devil. Time to judge the Humanity” is presented at “Maydan Svobody” ("Glavnoe", 08.12.2008)>>>
 To live in ignorance is to violate human rights ("Kievskie vedomosti", 04.12.2008) >>>
It's funny, unfortunately («Izvestiya v Ukraine», 30.11.2008) >>>
Igor Parfenov: “This year the festival will be more interesting” (, 06.11.2008) >>>
Film market Molodist: no sensation, no theatrics ("Telekririka", 29.10.2008) >>>
Talk with Armen (, 15.10.2008). >>>
Dzhigarhanyan has become a chief doctor of a mental hospital: "Confession of the Devil" is  plunged into mystery ("News of Ukraine", 22.06.2008) >>>
Shooting of feature film “Confession of the Devil” (Komsomolskaya pravda, 21.06.2008) >>>
Dzhigarhanyan acted in a Kharkiv movie ("Segodnya", 04.06.2008) >>>
Shooting of a new film with Armen Dzhigarhanyan is taking place in Kharkiv ("Vecherniy Kharkov", 04.06.2008) >>>
Dzhigarhanyan will act as a chief doctor ofmental hospital (KID, 04.06.2008) >>>
Running to death. A film by a Kharkiv director about Spanish bullfighting will be screened in Hollywood  (Media group "Objective", 29.03.2008) >>>
Blood Covered Flowers. A film about Spanish Bullfighting is being shot in Kharkiv (Media group "Objective", 24.03.2008) >>>
The documentary "Bull’s Soul", ïproduced by "STEPS" studio, Studio has been admitted to the main programme of Genesis Awards Hollywood Film (letter).
 Newspaper "Vremya" about festival (Ukraine, 19th of October, 2007, ¹188) >>
Media Group "Objective". A feature film based on banned notes by Leo Tolstoy >>
21.09.2005 A film with Armen Dzhigarhanyan is being shot in Kharkiv>>>
When Gods Sleep. "Vecherniy Kharkov" >>>
Armen Dzhigarhanyan and Nikita Dzhigurda will become sworn enemies >>>
An article in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Svetlana Shekera, 2 March 2006 >>>
A guardian of homeless animals shoots films with Dzhigarhanyan >>>
Ellen Slusachi: "We've made a torment cell in our home gym" "Our house", magazine >>
Dzhigarhanyan have played a  horse torturer-newspaper "Segodnya", Ukraine>>>
Chimpanzee is driving!- newspaper "Segodnya", Ukraine >>>
Kinomaydanchyk. A movie is being shot in Kharkiv- "Vecherniy Kharkov" >>>
Culture. When Gods Sleep - Vecherniy Kharkov >>>
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